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Branding, Strategy & Marketing, Illustration, UI/UX Design.


My personal community initiative of providing a Bridge that connects talented individuals fleeing the war in Ukraine with companies, driving innovation and growth for everyone involved.


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Branding, Marketing Strategy, Art Direction, Social media, Print, Illustration


Motion graphics projects, Branding for TV shows, Music Video VFX, etc...

Video Projects

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A 10+ year passion project, embodying my childhood graffiti style, now transformed into an inspiring typeface of limitless creativity.

QUMNA Typeface

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Branding, social & content manement.

Passionate Society

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Shine event management application & dashboard


Live music video art direction

Noga Erez

My Services 


Differentiate you business from its competitors, establish a strong and positive reputation, attract and retain customers.

Product UX/UI

Improve or create the user experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Get expert advice and support on all aspects of the design methodology, Project Management, Research, prototyping, and more.

Strategic Planing

For social media, brand storytelling, and campaigns - your business will improve its perceived consistency.


Effectively convey the vision and value proposition and increases the likelihood of securing funding or going forward with an idea.

Motion Graphics

Communicate complex information and ideas in a visually appealing way, Capture the attention!

Designing For The Fearless


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It all begins with branding. To get the best results I recommend starting off from the base⚾️

I'm sure the other brands wouldn't mind to move and save you a spot right here!

BRIDGE.Prjct is a my personal endeavour and a community project I'm currently working on.

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