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Clean Coin is a platform that rewards users for their eco-friendly behavior.
The platform, available as a phone app, allows users to tag areas with trash around them, allowing other users to see the trash and clean it up. In return, users can earn rewards in the form of cash and discounts.



Adam Ran – CEO, Gal Lahat – CTO

Ross Moger – Head of Design, filling in for PM position, Studio Management;
Brand strategy, Art & Creative Direction, UI\UX, Social Media, Presentations, Newsletters & Infographics, Motion Design, Illustrations.
Design Team:

Tamir Shabtai – UI & brand designer
Ira Zubarev – UI designer

Yarden Dagan – UI designer
Ionut Chinez – UI designer (Freelance)

Asaf Gazit (@Gaziter) – Illustratior


Branding, Strategy & Marketing, Project Management, Art Direction, Illustration, UI/UX Design, Website, Social Media, Presentations, Creative Direction, Motion Design


I have played a key part in bringing the Clean Coin platform to life, from creating the logo and brand guidelines to designing the user interface, website & Deck presentations.


Apart from the hands on work, I was overseeing the visual elements of the project, ensuring that every aspect of the product is in line with the brand’s overall aesthetic and messaging, helping to bring Clean Coin to fruition.


As the supervisor, designer & art director, my work has been integral to the success of Clean Coin. The strategic vision have helped guide the team in creating a brand and product that is not only visually appealing, but also effective in achieving its goals.

My Role

Onboarding Screens

As a designer at a startup, it’s important to work quickly while also considering the long-term scalability of the product. 

At CleanCoin, we decided to prioritize the user’s first impression by focusing on the screens that users interact with most frequently, rather than trying to perfect every aspect of the app.
This decision turned out to be a good one, as it allowed us to create a polished and user-friendly experience that has helped us build a strong brand and attract new users. 

By prioritizing the user’s experience and keeping our design scalable, we’ve been able to create a product that users love and and feel compelled to use.

Since this important part of the application had to be done perfectly – I took some time to implement it into Unity myself.

Recycling Features

Provide an intuitive infrastructure for CleanCoins users to recycle materials; retain users in long processes; increase recycling overall.


Limited knowledge – a completely unique feature.
Minimal resources – Lean Startup workflow, small team.

Long process – Eliminate all unnecessary steps yet receive all needed information from users.


With Tamir – Manufacturers Recycling Corporation in Israel as a client, we’ve planned and designed the new feature. We’ve developed a detailed flow and rollout schedule, as well as created a user-friendly interface design. Our efforts resulted in a new and effective solution for users to easily recycle materials.


After conducting the initial user research, we have designed a scalable flowchart to divide the processes into flows that make sense. 

This flowchart acts as a constantly updated “Single source of truth” throughout the projects lifetime, making sure designers, developers, marketing teams and clients are aligned in expectations and know what exactly is going on.

Eventually, we always end up with 3 twin flowcharts based on the layers: User flowchart, functionality flowchart & a High level infrastructure flowchart, All constantly updated.


After creating a flowchart and wireframes, the next step in the design process was to move on to the user interface design.

This involves creating mockups and prototypes that show the app’s layout, navigation, and overall visual appearance. The goal of the UI design phase is to create an intuitive and visually appealing interface. 

This is essential for ensuring that the feature will be easy to use and effective for the intended users.


At this point the processes were divided into 3 main actions:
Disposing of a few pieces of trash

Disposing of full trash bags

Adding Trash/Recycling bins to the map.


To ensure that the UI design is effective and intuitive, it is important to test it with real users and iterate on the design based on their feedback. 
This involved trying out a new service called MAZE through which we conducted user testing, made changes to the design based on the feedback received, and tested the updated design again.

This iterative process continued until the app’s interface was deemed to be user-friendly and effective enough for a test run.

Design Process

I had the opportunity to construct another key feature of the app:

the notification system.
My goal was to design a notification system that was both effective and user-friendly, although complex behind the scenes, which required significant research into complex notification systems and various existing solutions.

One of the key challenges we faced in designing the CleanCoin notification system was ensuring that the different types of notifications were organized and displayed in a clear and intuitive way.

The app has a complex system of notifications and process states that must be combined and displayed on the same page without overwhelming the user. To address this challenge, we implemented a hierarchy that prioritizes the processes the user is currently working on at the top of the page, with “waiting for verification” processes in the middle and a mix of content notifications and “approved processes” notifications at the bottom.
This allows users to easily find and manage the notifications they need to act on, without being overwhelmed by the variety of notifications they receive.


Cleaning Processes & Notifications



Social Media

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Key Onboarding Points

Continuing the strong calls to action, I've connected the user to the company through a common goal.🚮

I've started the onboarding process by taking the the vision of the company and translating it to something relatable.🌍💚

Icing on the cake - If the common goal is not found, the promise of a profit might help!💰

Continue to the registration process understanding exactly why its worth it!👋

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