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Liad Shamly, Yair Rott – Owners.

Ross Moger – Design, Copywriting, strategy & Branding.
Bar Arazoni - Copywriting.


Branding, Strategy & Marketing, Project Management, Art Direction, Illustration, UI/UX Design, Website, Social Media, Presentations, Creative Direction, Motion Design


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Studio Gelato

Studio Gelato is not just another ice cream shop.
Our number one product is the experiences the consumer receives with the addition of a state of the art ice cream.
We believe in celebrating differences & uniqueness as guidelines through the vastly oversaturated market.
We are deeply inspired by decorative retro-art styles that redefines color and shape use, and European boutique minimalism.

Our hope is to persuade the costumer into becoming an expert on ice cream to fully grasp the quality.

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