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GameBox - Xbox

Clean Coin is a platform that rewards users for their eco-friendly behavior.
The platform, available as a phone app, allows users to tag areas with trash around them, allowing other users to see the trash and clean it up. In return, users can earn rewards in the form of cash and discounts.

Israel Bidur - Youtube channel branding

Israel Bidur is an Israeli news and entertainment platform focused on fast paced content. Expanding on their already existing platforms(Website, Social media pages) a decision was made do create a Youtube presence for the platform that would feature full episodes.

I was in charge of the Branding and motion graphics for the elements created for the channel.


Door2Dor is a community project created by young entrepreneurs when Covid hit which aim was to introduce a safe, reliable, and quick way for volunteers to connect with people in need that could not go outside of their house due to the health risks involved.

Door2Dor raised hundreds of thousands of NIS for the operation, using the video I've created for the fund raising efforts.

Discount Bank

A set of commercials made for Discount Bank aimed at the younger generation (18-24) to convince them to try out a new service the bank was offering.

I was in charge of the VFX, editing & motion graphics.

IndaGame - Brawlstars

IndeGame(Idan Telem) is one of the biggest Youtubers and emerging stars in the Israeli entertainment scene. We have created a videoclip to promote an event around the popular game Brawlstars, which Idan promoted on his website. the video reached more than 3M views in less than a month.

I was in charge of the motion graphics, vfx, thumbnail & the events promotional materials and branding.

Kevin Rubin - Sim Pass Video Clip

A videoclip for the entertainer and actor Kevin Rubin aimed at children promoting an anti bullying campaign.

I was in charge of the VFX, Motion graphics and thumbnail design.

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