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Select your preferred Branding Extras

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UI Kit for application/ Website

Custom iconography and design elements

Animation Kit

Custom animation style guides and examples

Commercial Production guidelines

Custom production guidelines, voiceover guidelines,

Set art direction guidelines and 3d examples​

Music, Melody, jingle & Sound effects

Unique brand sounds and track production

Environmental and Sustainability Guidelines

Guidance on communicating environmental and sustainability initiatives into the brand's strategies, outlining best practices and initiatives that align with the brand's values and sustainability goals​

Social Media Guidelines

TikTok, Instagram & Facebook guerrilla marketing strategies and research

Terms & Conditions

  • Incremental Work Approach:

    • The branding project will be executed in stages, starting with research and moving forward based on client approval.

    • Each stage will require client feedback and approval before proceeding to the next phase of the project.

  • Limited Revisions:

    • Revisions will be available for the initial stages of the branding process, including logo design, naming, slogan, and other key elements.

    • Once these elements are finalized and approved, further revisions may be subject to additional charges or a separate agreement.

  • Payment Terms:

    • A 30% deposit is required before the project commences to secure studio resources and initiate work.

    • The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the brand book, prior to the delivery of final assets.

  • Additional Products or Services:

    • Separate terms and conditions will apply to additional products or services such as website development, social media retainers, or any other offerings not covered explicitly in the branding quote.

    • These terms will be outlined in a separate agreement or proposal specific to each product or service.

  • Intellectual Property Rights:

    • Upon receipt of full payment, the client will have full ownership and usage rights for the finalized brand assets as outlined in the brand book.

    • The studio retains the right to showcase the completed project in its portfolio and marketing materials, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

  • Confidentiality:

    • Both the client and the studio agree to keep any confidential information exchanged during the project confidential and not disclose it to third parties.

  • Termination:

    • Either party has the right to terminate the project in writing if there is a material breach of the terms and conditions or if circumstances prevent successful completion.

    • In the event of termination, fees will be calculated based on work completed up to that point and any outstanding payments will be due.

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