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For Goldstar, we tried to elevate the typical beer commercial. Our primary focus is not just showcasing our exceptional quality; it's about crafting memorable experiences for our audience through emotional connection. Guided by our belief, we navigate the crowded market with creativity, Inspired by the bold aesthetics of the classic bottle design and sleek Israeli craftsmanship.

Through our project, I aimed to captivate viewers with pleasing motion graphics combined with a campaign of static designs. Our mission? To connect to the Israeli market on an emotional level, inviting them to savor the quality of Goldstar Brews.



Ross Moger – Art Direction, After effects(VFX, Titles, Post), Design.

Eden Levi – 3D.
Eran Nir - Creative Direction.


Art Direction, Motion Design, Graphic Design.


Video Commercial

Goldstar Video Commercial

Static Campaign

Digital Banners, Social & Billboards

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